Intelligent, reproducible, shareable home coffee roasting.

The tantalizing aroma of freshly roasted coffee ... the delicate taste of a subtle blend of beans ... the satisfaction of creating your own personalized cup ...

Traditionally, coffee roasting has been the domain of a small number of artisan roasters. Roasting coffee at home is not easy with today's tools, which lack the sophistication required to modulate the temperature of the beans to the precise temperature curve required to generate consistent results.

Through a combination of new internet-enabled roasting technology, which makes following any temperature profile as easy as clicking a button, and a new sharing service which will enable you to download 'roast profiles' directly to your home roaster, and share your own results for anyone to follow or improve on, jetKafe is making home coffee roasting accessible for everyone.

We're democratizing coffee roasting. Will you join us?

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